Covid Protocols

Are masks required in the centers and during outreach?

We strongly prefer masks be worn if you have not been vaccinated.

What will transportation look like? 

We will provide transportation to and from the program. However, there is limited spacing due to the small enclosed space within the van size. We request that all passengers will wear masks and will also have temperature checks and Covid screenings prior to entrance of the van.

Are there screenings done in the centers?

Yes, we take temperatures and ask Covid related questions prior to entrance.

Is coffee available?

Coffee is available, all items are disposable and we do not use washable dishes to help with the spread of germs.

Will we be able to do trips during Covid?

At this time there is limited space in the van for transport, community trips will be local and we encourage those who can drive to meet us. 

What about cooking groups and cook outs?

There will be no cooking groups at this given time.